tales from the surviving straight spouse

Breath held

I called the CPS worker.  We had a challenging conversation.

Hello this is CPS

Hello this is son #2’s mom.

Yes, hello.



You called me yesterday.  I am returning your call.

Oh yes.  I want to know what has changed since we last spoke.  I got a call from the center asking about son #2.

Nothing has changed that I know of.  I hadn’t heard from you. 

Well, son #2 said he shaved himself, so their really isn’t anything left to do.

He has said a lot of things.  He has the mind of a young child – I really don’t think he is capable of doing this on his own.

Oh, okay.  Well the only way he is going to get this evaluation is if WE make the referral and I’m not sure we are going to do that.  I will talk to my supervisor and get back to you.

Great.  Thank you.

I am not sure I can take the power trip.  I am emotionally drained.  I think if son #2 had come from a residential program with his scrotum shaved there would be  big stink. 

Unfortunately, DD strikes again. 

Comments on: "Breath held" (2)

  1. Even if she doesn’t know anything about the two of you, it should be obvious that son #2 could not have come up with this on his own. I just do not see how the CPS worker can be so unconcerned.

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